Cheltenham Based
Product Design Consultancy

Innovation development specialists taking concepts through to market ready products.


We bring product ideas to life from our studio based in the heart of the Cotswolds.

We are a product design agency who is passionate about helping SME’s and Start-up based in and around Cheltenham, UK to design, develop and prototype new concepts. 

From our combined experience as product designers, we know that the journey can be challenging and so we work closely with Chartered Attorneys and Product Marketing partners, often based in Gloucestershire, to offer advice on the complete journey from concept to market. Our constantly improving process is focussed on maximising the chance of success for your concept. Why not arrange to visit us in our studio in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire?

Expert Product Design & Development Consultancy

The journey to successful product launch is likely to include: Computer-Aided Design; Patenting an Idea; Prototyping; Sourcing a Manufacturer; Promotion to Retailers and Launching your Product.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your project and guarantee to give you an honest opinion on whether it is worth proceeding with the concept. All the Intellectual Property around the concept remains yours even if we add further protectable features to your concept.

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  • Our Experience

    Vast experience in helping entrepreneurs & start-ups develop and produce successful, patented products in Gloucestershire, the UK and beyond.

  • Our Team

    Cheltenham based design team with a full skill set from early-stage product development & mechanical design to product promotion and launch.

  • Our integrity

    We guarantee honest feedback throughout the process.

  • Our Partnerships

    Partnered with attorneys for registering design patents, UK patents and International Patent Applications. IP network.

  • Our Commitment to you

    We put you first and ensure we guide you through the whole process. The confidentiality of your idea is of the utmost importance to us.

Why not get in touch to discuss your project?

If you are looking for a UK based product design company, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you design, prototype and launch your new product.