The HUGE Issue with using AI for Product Design

An AI robot looking to camera

At D2M, our exploration of AI in product design is a journey filled with learning and adaptation. While AI offers exciting possibilities, integrating it alongside traditional design methods presents unique challenges. Our approach is not about replacing human creativity but enhancing it with AI’s capabilities. As we navigate these new waters, we encounter challenges that […]

17-Step Guide for Creating Effective Packaging Design Ideas

Packaging design ideas process shown by a man working with a cardboard mockup

Creating packaging design ideas is a fine art. It goes beyond attention-grabbing style, memorable branding and protecting your product. Packaging needs to meet a range of different objectives in order to be visually appealing and practical to manufacture. This demands a carefully considered, well-rounded approach. Striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality can be […]

How Much Does It Cost to Patent an Idea in UK

patent application

The number of patent applications in the UK is growing by the year, with over 19,000 applications filed from 2021-2022. This demonstrates that more and more inventors realise the importance of protecting their intellectual property. However, many people hesitate to pursue a patent due to cost concerns. Design 2 Market discusses how much it costs […]

When Should You Get a Patent

If you have a unique invention or innovation with potential commercial value, you should consider getting a patent. A patent grants the inventor exclusive rights to their design for a specified amount of time, usually 20 years from the filing date. But when is the best time to do so? Discover when you should get […]

Prove your Product Idea FIRST!

Prove your Idea first

Are you looking to develop a new product and bring it to market? In this article, we’ll share the importance of proving the effectiveness and commercial viability of your product before investing significant resources in its development. Through real-life case studies, we’ll explore the dangers of not properly assessing a product’s feasibility and the benefits […]

Your Questions about Patents Answered

Your Questions about Patents Answered

Are you considering patenting your design but have questions about the process? Look no further! In this article, we will share the reasons why it is always best to patent your design before beginning the design process. We will discuss common questions such as when to patent, global patenting, multiple patents, and how to get […]

Outdoor Product Design

Outdoor Product Design

Outdoor Product Design Our team of expert designers can help you bring your vision to life, whether you’re looking to create innovative camping gear, durable hiking equipment, or any other outdoor product. With our extensive experience and cutting-edge design tools, we’ll help you create a product that’s both functional and visually stunning. Functional and Aesthetic […]

Managing your Product Design Consultancy


Managing Your Chosen Product Design Consultancy How to plan and manage the creative design process, creative design consultancies and product designers Even at the most basic level of working with a creative person or company – for example a graphic designer on a logo – if there is an unhappy result, it’s rarely the fault […]

Toy Safety Regulations

How Safety Regulations Shape New Toy Design Play Patterns in the Infant and Toddler Space to help ensure that the final product is appropriately designed and developed. The world of safety regulations for toys can be a bit intimidating. This article will explore how safety regulations shape toy design. There are a lot of rules (as […]

Toy Product Development

Toy Product Launch

Using Play Patterns to Design & Develop Toy Products Play patterns in the infant and toddler space to help ensure that the final product is appropriately designed and developed. When designing toys for those under 2 years old, knowledge of child development and capabilities is crucial to developing play patterns. You want play patterns that […]

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