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circular design

Sustainable Design Lessons from Nike

June 9, 2022 Lessons in Sustainable Design from Nike's Product Development Process Circular Design is all about considering the full environmental impact of the new concept during the product development. Nike recently published details of their product development process with 10 key elements focusing on circular design. What can we learn from…
Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product Approach to Product Design

March 25, 2022
Watch this video to understand how to develop an idea using a minimum viable product approach. Always Design a Minimum Viable Product  Riut Backpack Case Study Video Transcript So, this is a very brief case study of how one of our clients has done a great job of ensuring…
New Year New Product Launch

NY – New Product Launches & New Partnerships

March 13, 2022
2021 has been a successful year! New product launches and award-winning clients. Products Launched in 2021 Here are some of the products our clients launched in 2021 CAST - A fully customisable watch that you can change with your style.  Grip Systems Pallet Wrap - A patented pallet wrap applicator that is designed…