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Innovation development specialists taking concepts through to market-ready products. We bring product ideas to life from our studio based in the heart of Gloucestershire.
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Product Designers

D2M’s senior design team specialises in cost-effective product design, adept at overcoming technical challenges with 15 years of experience and 500 projects under their belt.

Prototyping Specialists

D2M offers a comprehensive suite of prototyping services, equipped with state-of-the-art in-house workshops that allow us to develop everything from basic working models to high-fidelity prototypes.

Manufacturing Services

At D2M, our global manufacturing capabilities extend through partnerships with factories in Mexico, Eastern Europe, and the Far East, enabling us to meet diverse production demands.

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Product Design

D2M’s seasoned design team, with 15 years of experience and over 500 projects, specialises in innovative, cost-effective product design. Our approach combines robust engineering with aesthetic design to produce standout products in competitive markets. Each project receives personalised attention from a commercially experienced senior designer to align with the client’s vision. Find out more about our team.

Our Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) methodology and in-depth market research minimise investment risks and enhance commercial viability, transforming initial concepts into market-ready products. Our Values define us

We commit to honesty and transparency, setting clear expectations and maintaining accountability throughout product development. We excel under tight deadlines, meeting technical and creative challenges to deliver superior results.Choose D2M for a partnership that transforms ideas into consumer-ready products, prioritising your business’s success. Read more about our services.

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D2M offers comprehensive prototyping services with state-of-the-art in-house workshops. We develop everything from basic models to high-fidelity prototypes, which are crafted for presentations to retail buyers and investors, highlighting your product’s potential with precision. Our capabilities include advanced 3D printing and CNC machining, exceeding quality and accuracy standards.

Find out more about why prototyping is critical in product development.

Our experience across various sectors and materials helps us meet complex challenges, tight deadlines, and optimise designs through rapid experimentation. An agile approach allows for iterative feedback, speeding up market entry and enhancing product development to meet consumer and market demands.

Choose D2M to efficiently transform your concept into a prototype, setting the stage for successful market introduction.

Complete Product Design to Market Solutions in the Gloucestershire

At D2M, innovation drives every aspect of our work. From initial concept drawings through design, prototyping, IP protection, sourcing, branding, and marketing, we provide comprehensive product development services. Our flexible approach adapts to fit your needs, allowing you to join the development process at any stage and maintain control throughout.

Another D2M difference is our flexible approach which means we can adapt to suit your company’s needs best. We fit with you rather than you with us. We can join your development journey at any point regardless of where the project currently stands. Whichever route you choose the D2M commitment is that you are always in control at every stage. We will share your passion and belief, bringing focus and energy to the project.


At D2M, our global manufacturing capabilities are bolstered through partnerships with factories in Mexico, Eastern Europe, and the Far East, allowing us to satisfy a wide range of production demands. Our extensive experience helps us navigate the complexities of manufacturing from concept to market. We collaborate with QC and QA experts to ensure top quality and consistency. Learn more about our manufacturing services.

Our approach includes rigorous quality checks and collaboration with skilled manufacturing agents and packaging specialists, ensuring all production aspects meet client specifications and enhance market readiness.

We provide early, accurate ballpark quotes, reducing financial risks and aiding in budgeting and planning. Find out more

We anticipate and address potential issues early, streamlining the manufacturing process for a smooth transition from prototype to full-scale production. With D2M, you access a network of manufacturing partners committed to scaling your product efficiently and effectively.

Product Manufacturing Support
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Located in Gloucestershire, D2M has collaborated with clients across the region including start-ups in Gloucester and Dursley, Stewart Golf in Stroud and GT Windows in Tewkesbury.

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