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Whether you have a great idea for a new product or want to improve an existing one, a product design engineer can work with you to create a plan and bring your product to life.

What Does a Product Engineer Do?

A product design engineer in the UK is responsible for creating and developing new products. The role of a product design engineer is to take a product concept and turn it into a reality. They make prototypes, test products, and troubleshoot any problems.

To do this, they must have a strong understanding of manufacturing processes, materials, and assembly. They must also be able to create drawings and models that manufacturers can use to create the final product.

A product design engineer is an important part of the product development team, and their skills are essential in bringing new products to market.

Why Work with D2M

D2M is the only company to provide full product development solutions from concept to launch. Whether you need help with concept development or prototyping, we will be there for you every step of the way. We have more than 12 years of experience and many customers who can attest to the quality of our work.

Product Concept Development

Concept Development

Early stage idea development using rapid sketching and basic computer aided design.

Value added: Takes the initial brief and turns it into visual concepts for review that bear in mind what is possible to manufacture. Includes initial ideas of materials, styling and functionality.

Product Styling

Detailed styling development will put flesh on the bones of your chosen concept direction.

Value added: Consideration of form, aesthetics, material choices, finish and detailed will ensure that your product is attractive to end customers and retail buyers alike. 

Design for Visualisation

Initial design work focused solely on the overall appearance rather than function.

Value Added: Provides a more cost effective route to get to a visual model for market feedback or to gain further financial investment before further design development.

Prototype Design

Refining the virtual model by adding detail and considering ergonomics before production of the prototype.

Value Added: Defines a detailed virtual model that can be used to create prototypes, renders to show the appearance of the final product and patent drawings.

5 Electronics Integration

Electronics Integration

Detailed design to integrate PCBs and electronic components for enhanced functionality.

Value Added: Ensures great user experience and effective core functionality whilst minimising materials, size and assembly costs for production. 

Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Design of mechanical features to ensure effective functionality across a range of users in a range of different circumstances.

Value Added: Develops the mechanical functionality to be reliable whilst delivering a great user experience and ensuring that unnecessary complexity is minimised.

Our Process

The First Move

If you have an idea, don’t keep it to yourselflet us give you a helping hand! Fill out our contact form to schedule an initial consultation with us. We can talk via Zoom, Teams, or phone call.


After we get basic information about your product, one of our senior experienced design engineers will contact you to discuss the rest of the details. The designer will ask questions about the project, so be prepared to explain your idea in depth.


We will provide a comprehensive project proposal that includes a quotation and timeline. Any changes or enquiries about the proposal should will be addressed during this time.

Project Development

Once we sign a final project agreement, our product design engineers in the UK will get to work. The development process includes consultation with chartered patent attorneys to protect your intellectual property, actual manufacturing, testing and certification and launch.

Consult Us

If you have an idea for a new product, don’t hesitate to reach out to a product design engineer today.

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Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.

Secrets, tips & tricks to finding the right product design partner.

Download D2M's PDF guide now and say goodbye to costly missteps and wasted R&D funds.
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