Month: March 2022

How to Prototype a Product

Why Prototyping is CRITICAL in Product Development

March 13, 2022
One of the most critical but often expensive parts of the product development journey is prototyping the innovative idea. Prototyping will reveal the hidden challenges and issues with the product idea whilst also giving you the first look and feel in physical form. It rarely ever makes financial sense to…
sewing factory

Manufacture a PRODUCT – Beginners Guide

March 13, 2022 How to MANUFACTURE a Product - Beginners Guide!Hi my name is Phil Staunton, I’m managing director of D2M Innovation. I’ve worked over the last 12 years with 100s of people taking products through from design and prototyping right through to manufacturing and launching their products. I’m making a series…
Developing a soft goods product

Developing A Soft Goods (fabric) Product

March 13, 2022
Olivia one of our textile product developers explains the process of developing a soft goods product from design to manufacture. Video Transcript The process for developing your soft product normally starts with the concept development stage. This allows you to explore multiple concepts in theory, and research into materials…
New Year New Product Launch

NY – New Product Launches & New Partnerships

March 13, 2022
2021 has been a successful year! New product launches and award-winning clients. Products Launched in 2021 Here are some of the products our clients launched in 2021 CAST - A fully customisable watch that you can change with your style.  Grip Systems Pallet Wrap - A patented pallet wrap applicator that is designed…


March 11, 2022
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