Ingenious new product for motorcyclists entered production in Summer 2012 after an order was placed for 8000. Orders of around 50,000 were placed during Summer 2013. 
Ventz was designed, prototyped and protected through Design2Market. If you have a new idea why not contact us to make it a reality.
This ingenious product provides a simple, efficient method of ventilation for motorcyclists. In hot weather, riders often experience uncomfortably high temperatures beneath their protective leather clothing. When client Martin Warren witnessed the unzipped jacket of a fellow motorcyclist flap up, obscuring the rider’s vision, he decided there must be a better, safer way to cool riders down. He brought his idea for a wearable ventilation system to Design2Market, and Ventz has proved highly successful through various routes to market.  
D2M Innovation was involved in: drafting a patent application; developing the CAD model; producing a range of different coloured presentation prototypes; sourcing a manufacturer; refinement of the design for production and sourced an attorney for filing EU registered designs. For more information see the case study of Ventz here.
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VENTZ - Prototype

VENTZ - Packaging