Different types of prototype

‘Visual prototype’ - This type of prototype conveys the overall shape and size of the product but does not usually prove the function of the idea. It is not designed to represent the materials or production methods of a final mass produced product.
‘Proof of concept’ prototype. - A prototype that demonstrates the main functionality of the idea. This type of prototype will probably make use of ‘off the shelf’ components and is unlikely to look like the final product.
‘Presentation’ prototype. - This type of prototype combines the functionality of the product with the overall appearance. Often using bespoke parts, it is likely that production grade materials will be used.
‘Pre-Production’ prototype. - This type of prototype builds on the work of a presentation prototype by fully considering mass production manufacturing methods and production. The parts are likely to be created using production methods and materials.
D2M has a vast range of previous prototyping experience. Prototypes we have built include: handheld electronic products; thermoelectric cooling devices; textile based products; baby equipment; outdoor products and even an underwater video camera with built in propulsion.
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VENTZ - Prototype

Proof of Concept Prototype


Sintered Prototype


Presentation Prototype