Starting a Company

If you are thinking of starting a company and selling your product direct, then there is a lot to think about. You will need to find a manufacturer, obtain orders, register your company and start running accounts. Distribution, shipping, returns and product insurance are further concerns. D2M can help out in the following ways:
We can help source a manufacturer for your product in this country or abroad. See our manufacturing page for further info.
We can support you in achieving retail orders by telemarketing, arranging meetings and even pitching on your behalf. See our product promotion page. 
D2M can also help create a business plan. A business plan is often viewed as a prerequisite document for raising funding from a bank or investor. If you have not had to prepare one, it may prove to be a valuable exercise to do so. 
You may be too busy managing your business from one day to the next to spend valuable time putting all your ideas, observations and predictions down on paper. Where do you start and what information should you include? Do not panic, help is at hand. Nick House partners with D2M to offer such a service to write a tailor-made plan for you. Your name will be on it, not his. Before the plan can be written Nick will sit down with you gain an understanding of your business ambitions, the trends in your market place, your competitors and the opportunities to increase the sales of your product(s). You can view Nick’s role as sounding board to challenge your ideas and validate your growth assumptions. He will use your knowledge and experience to compile a clear, coherent and credible statement of where you would like your business to be in 3 years from now.
For further details contact us to organise a meeting.  
D2M customers will receive a 1 hour fee consultation with Nick at their office, subject to his travelling expenses being covered.

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