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The wide ranging skills and expertise of our team do help ensure that we can tackle most projects. However, any design company builds up specialisms over time and D2M is no exception.

Textile product development

D2M has two textile product developers with a broad range of previous experience from rucksacks, suitcases and travel accessories to baby carriers, clothing and car seat covers. Two of our product designers have also acquired extensive experience in designing textile based products. We have worked with a broad range of materials from cordura and ripstop nylon for outdoor products to leather, pvc and suede. We have a range of different sewing machines with various add ons to ensure we can replicate most production techniques with good outsourcing capability should industry weight sewing machines be required.
We have stock of most regularly required items as such zips and velcro and samples from UK and Far East textile producers. Our manufacturing contacts extend from Turkey to Pakistan and India as well as the Far East and even include factories who produce for Disney. We also partner with Chartered Patent Attorneys who also have extensive experience patenting fabric products. In short, if you have a textile based product, D2M is for you!

Mother and Baby Products

D2M has extensive experience in developing several mother and baby products from: a buggy that collapses into an approved car seat; a baby bouncer; a travel cot and various items of baby clothing. One of our designers, Michael Parker, worked for Phil and Teds developing the original e-sport double buggy and Sophie Benaissa worked for Maclaren before joining our team. We have an in-depth knowledge of working to standards (EN, BSI and US), are members of BSI and have strong contacts for product testing and even virtual crash testing, if required. Our unique combination of product designers and textile product developers suits this particular industry sector very well. The team has nine children between them from 2 to 15 years old ensuring a variety of test subjects, if necessary!

Mechanical Engineering

Dave Massey, Phil Staunton, Robert Williams and Michael Parker have a combined experience of over 75 years developing all sorts of mechanical products. A mechanical patient turner with motorised drive system and adjustable height handle was a particular achievement, as was the buggy that collapsed down into a car seat. We have developed telescopic devices, tubular structures, drive trains, pneumatic systems and even a pair of adjustable magnifying glasses over the years. Robert Williams has even worked on military projects previously.

Plastic injection moulded products

Most design houses are well experienced at plastic moulding and D2M has develop its fair share of this type of product over the years. We have a high level of expertise in this field developed through putting products into production directly with our manufacturing partners. We have factories in this country, the EU and the Far East who are exceptional tool makers and moulders.
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