When you license an idea to a company they handle all of the manufacturing, distribution and marketing for you. This is less expensive for the inventor but royalty fees are potentially much lower than if you self-manufacture.

Route 1: Licensing - How to ensure that your idea pays royalties

A licence is a contractual right that gives someone permission to use your intellectual property (IP) rights. A licence allows the holder of IP rights (the “licensor”) to make money from an idea by charging a user (the “licensee”) a fee or royalty to use the licensed IP.
Before you negotiate a licence agreement, it is very important to make sure that you have applied for, or preferably obtained, exclusive rights to that IP. The only way to secure exclusive IP rights is by patent, trademark and/or design registration. In many cases all three rights can be applicable to a single product. D2M has expert licensing partners, who can help find potential licensees and negotiate a deal for you.

Route 2: Start a company to sell your product direct

D2M can help source a trusted manufacturing partner and our partners can help put your idea in front of retail buyers at decision making level.


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