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Our partners offer a superb service building confidence with market feedback prior to production. Often tooling and purchase of the first batch of products involves substantial financial investment and it is obviously more preferable to commit to this with a firm understanding the potential of sales for your product, and also in what wholesalers/retailers think of the product.
They follow a tried and tested process to market your product to retailers that lasts 4 weeks and includes the following:
  1. Generating target prospect list 
  2. Commitment of a professional telemarketing resource to your project
  3. Distribution of a product sell sheet to key prospects (1 page PDF identifying key features)
  4. Intelligent, professional telemarketing designed to create conversations with prospects as opposed to 'telesales'
  5. Weekly reporting direct to you on the progress of the campaign
  6. Gain better understanding of the potential retail \ wholesale prices that can be achieved
  7. Working with you to ensure correct preparation for prospect meetings
  8. Advising you on potential opportunities as and when they arise, and how you may exploit them
Our partner in this would expect to see results quickly, and often generate responses within 2 weeks. Our partner will work with you directly to ensure that the message is accurate, relevant and most importantly, giving you the best chance of achieving your objectives with this project.
Assuming they can generate a sufficient volume of interest, we would then be well placed to help you develop product packaging, advise on an efficient distribution model and on your website e-commerce development should you wish for us to do so.
If you are interesting in using these services to market your product to retailers, then call us to book a meeting or fill in our contact form here

CLIENT CASE STUDY - BloXsafe Travel Security Accessory
Our partner company was appointed to support the product promotion of our client's premium positioned travel security product, which was targeted at executives who understood the inherent risks of leaving valuables in hotel rooms whilst travelling. 
During a 4 week period they engaged and nurtured over 60 prospects who were identified through rigorous market research prior to commencing activity. 
Our client achieved the following within 4 weeks:
An in-flight magazine has agreed to promote the product with a number of major airlines.
Immediate stock request from the master distributor of the main competitor product in the USA.
Confirmed meetings with a major retailer.
Contacts established within two major luggage retailers.

"Richard and his team have been brilliant at keeping me up to date and informed of the progress of the product promotion campaign. Given the premium nature and niche segment my product was aiming for, the odds were against Richard from the start to achieve anything substantial in 4 weeks. Naturally, we were a little anxious at the start of the campaign as there are no guarantees of success, but the team's work has directly led us to proceed with confidence to sign off a substantial tooling charge based on a foundation of informed market interest. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Richard and his team to others seeking to promote their product or service. " - Martin Dubbey, Inventor of BloXsafe

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