Production Preparation

Taking your idea from a concept, to a fully-functioning, useable and sellable product is an exciting and fascinating process. It can also be a daunting one, as you venture into unchartered territory. At D2M, we not only see to it that your idea is meticulously designed and thought-out, we also offer a service to guide you seamlessly through to the sampling stage, ensuring you come out of it with the right end-results.
Stage 1: Product Quotation

When you have approved the final design work, a Product Manufacturing Specification will be put together. This is a document detailing all the information about how your product should be made, its functionality, the specified materials and dimensions as well as any other relevant details which a manufacturer will need to know. This is then used as the basis of communication with potential manufacturers of your product.

All our current database of specialist manufacturers have signed a tailored Confidentiality Agreement, or NDA. This gives you, the client, confidence to know that your intellectual property will not be shared by us, or any of the partner companies we work with. We are continually increasing the numbers of manufacturers we work with, to ensure we have specialists on hand in multiple product areas. We insist that an NDA is signed before working with any company.
When you have identified the manufacturer you want to work with, we generally hand over to you to manage the ongoing process. This handover involves a detailed report of your manufacturing options including a breakdown of costs. If you wish D2M to continue to support the progress of your product to manufacture, we offer a Sampling Review Package.

Stage 2: Sampling Review Package

The Sampling Review package will guide you through the process of having your product sampled by one or more manufacturers that have been selected. We can help ensure that the manufacturer has understood all the information and have the direction they need to produce an initial sample of your product. Depending on the complexity of the product, a round of sampling may take 4-10 weeks.

When the sample arrives, D2M can thoroughly review and ensure it meets all the specification document. We will then give you our comments, and the sample to review. If changes or alterations are needed, we will feed these back to you to communicate to the manufacturer. A second round of Sampling can then commence.
At the point at which you are ready to proceed to a production order, we will carry out a handover, making sure all the information is clear and understood by both parties. D2M will then step back and allow you to see the fruits of your labour. We will however keep in touch and will be keen to know and report on your success!