Product Branding

What is Branding?
A product brand is often the most valuable asset of any business.  Brand owners manage their brands carefully to create and add value to their product and company.  The process involves creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind with a consistent theme.  Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that both attracts and retains loyal customers.

Why should I consider using a branding services firm for my product?
Branding creates a product brand proposition that is compelling, more profitable and delivers longer term market value. The customer’s experience of your product can be as brilliant as the insight that inspired it, but equally only ever as good as the consistent interpretation of this across all product contact points.

In our experience, it is easy to make assumptions about what people ‘want’, but in practice, this is not always so obvious. Functional needs may present themselves more clearly, but the true drivers of brand preference and advocacy are often found on the deeper emotional and cultural levels which we spend the time to understand, explore and refine.

How would you create an inspiring brand for my project?
BrandRefinery has partnered with D2M to offer a bespoke branding package to suit product development and launch. It applies user-centred design thinking to inspire and focus the creative idea generation process.  The process will make your brand unique and specific, memorable and attractive, resulting in the birth of a brand that will excite and satisfy the head, hands, heart and your pocket.

What specific services do you provide?
• Product Branding and Identity
• Product Naming
• Packaging Design
• Website Development and Promotion
• Direct Marketing (selling of your product)

Who are BrandRefinery?
BrandRefinery UK is a full service branding and marketing services company. Born in New York in 2007 and adopted by the UK in 2012, BrandRefinery works with both the biggest of brands and the smallest of start-ups to define and communicate what it is that makes them special.

BrandRefinery’s partnership with D2M Innovation Limited has delivered a market first. For the very first time, a truly integrated product development approach is now available to product inventors, providing branding development side by side with product design ensuring you are provided with a competitive advantage from the start.

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