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IDEA FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT - an investigation into the technical feasibility of the concept to ensure that it will work. An essential first step for some ideas.
PRODUCT DESIGN - we take the basis of your idea and develop it into a viable, appealing and manufacturable final concept.
PRODUCT SELL SHEET - presenting your idea professionally to ensure that your idea is taken seriously by industry or potential investors.
- creating a model of your idea to demonstrate the concept to investors and industry.
- creating a product specification and then obtaining three competitive quotes from different manufacturers for tooling and unit cost.
PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - working alongside a trustworthy and reliable sourcing partner or manufacturer to organise and manage the production of your product in this country or abroad.
LICENSING - taking your idea to the right people in the right companies to initiating the process of negotiating the sale of your idea.

D2M strives to provide a complete design to market service. In order to do this, we have partnered with companies that share our values to provide some of the services you may need.

Key Partner Services

  • GLOBAL PATENT SEARCHING - global searching by fully trained patent and design analysts. Report provided with a written summary by a Chartered Patent Attorney.
  • PATENT DRAFTING - writing your patent application to ensure a broad scope of protection.
  • REGISTERED DESIGN APPLICATION - filing protection for your design in the UK or across the EU.
  • MARKET RESEARCH - cost effective and detailed report helping to answer the question as to whether your product will sell and if so, for how much.
  • ELECTRONICS AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT - PCB layout design and development, electronics testing and software development.
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