Health Band

Young inventors win international competition with help from D2M!
D2M Innovation, was tasked to patent, develop and prototype a new concept that a group of school children have invented. The idea is an emergency health band that communicates a patient’s GPS location and medical records to the emergency services speeding up the process of locating and effectively treating the patient.
The children who invented the device all go to Cypress Junior school, Croydon, and are aged 10. They entered the B.I.T.E competition and won the top prize of having their idea brought to life by D2M Innovation.

A typical scenario for this fantastic new idea might involve an elderly person having a fall. They could either press the emergency button on the wrist band or the person who found them could do this. That would alert the emergency service to the need for an ambulance and send the GPS co-ordinates. The device would also transmit a unique ID number that would enable the emergency services to call up the person’s medical records. The device could potentially save lives by ensuring medical crews arrive with the patient quicker and with the vital information they need to offer effective treatment.

There has been a lot of interest in the idea and these award winning young inventors. The BBC’s The One show interviewed the children last week and David Suchet visited the school to personally congratulate the children as well.

D2M Innovation was involved in: drafting a patent application; producing some initial sketch design work; developing the CAD model of the wristband; producing a presentation prototype; and generating illustrations for display at the British Invention Show.

Managing Director, Phil Staunton, says: “D2M is proud to be able to help and encourage these young entrepreneurs bring their idea to life. There is a lot of talk innovation being the way out of the current economic crisis and we are pleased to be involved in helping to protect, develop and prototype all sorts of new ideas every week. We just hope that the necessary funding and support can be found to take the health band into production.”

Concept Sketches


CAD render


Product Illustrations