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Who we are

We are an approachable company of innovation specialists who are passionate about helping people develop, protect and profit from their ideas. We are serious and diligent about idea development and seeing concepts reach their potential. The D2M design team have over 100 years combined experience of developing, prototyping and manufacturing products across a range of industry sectors.

What we do

D2M offer professional expertise and a bespoke blend of services to best protect and develop your idea, taking into account your aspirations and budget. In combination with our carefully selected partner companies, we offer a complete design to market service, including patent drafting and filing by our network of trusted Chartered Patent Attorneys, creation of prototypes, design for production using professional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and support through the early stage of production in this country, the EU or the Far East.   We can help you launch, and hopefully profit from, your idea no matter the current stage of development.

Why we do what we do

We think that new product ideas should be given the best opportunity to reach their potential. Protecting and launching a new product idea is a tricky process and D2M was founded to create a one-stop shop to help people through this maze. It is an exciting and interesting field and the thought of helping the next James Dyson to launch their innovative new product is compelling.

The Team

D2M has a superb team of Product Design Engineers, Prototyping specialists and partner Chartered Patent Attorneys. To find more use this link: The D2M Team.
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We offer idea development and
patenting services to suit your budget.
You may be surprised how little it can
cost to get your idea off the ground!