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Protecting your idea is critically important: we have worked hard to develop excellent links with a number of high quality patenting experts who share our core ideals of honesty and integrity. We will select the right attorney to provide you the correct patent advice at the right time. A separate entity from any specific attorney firm, we offer impartial advice whilst having the right expertise on hand from partnering firms, if and when your project requires it. We communicate directly with your attorney to ensure a cohesive and cost effective process.
We have links to attorneys with a wide range of specialisms across different industry sectors including: Mother and Baby, Textile products, Sports and Outdoor products, Apps and Software and Consumer Electronics. We recommend attorneys who have expertise in your specific industry sector, ensuring maximum value for your project. Our attorney contacts will take a commercial view to protecting your intellectual property: formulating IP strategies to suit your objectives, having assessed your business aspirations and not charging you for services that may not be necessary.
We exclusively recommend attorney firms where the drafting work is completed by a qualified attorney, unlike some that use part-qualified juniors whilst charging partner rates. Additionally, all members of our design team are trained in essential knowledge of protecting Intellectual Property. In conducting regular briefings with your attorney, together we will guide you seamlessly through the process of ensuring your concept has the right protection in place
Wynne Jones
Wynne-Jones IP prides themselves on delivering a high-quality, bespoke IP service and always acts in the best interest of the client from start to finish. Wynne-Jones is one of the longest standing firms of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, with offices in Cheltenham, Cardiff, Telford and Wrexham. In collaboration with a trusted network of foreign associates, Wynne-Jones obtains and enforces IP rights for their clients worldwide. The firm has nine fully qualified attorneys and at least one of them is normally on site with D2M once a fortnight reviewing cases.
With a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge across a spectrum of technical and business sectors, Attorneys at Wynne-Jones are well-matched with clients through specialist expertise. For more information, please visit: www.wynne-jones.com
Handsome IP
Handsome I.P. provide intellectual property services to Attorneys, Start-ups and SMEs in the UK, Europe and internationally. They strive to provide a high quality, on-time, trustworthy service, going the extra mile for their clients.
Not only does Handsome IP handle all the registration of IP rights for their clients but they also help them devise an IP strategy tailored to their own specific requirements and objectives. Such a strategy can reduce costs and more importantly can ensure that funds are used in the most efficient manner. There are many different forms of IP and they consider each in the light of their clients’ situation. They take into consideration aspects such as finance, marketing, geography, exit strategy, development, partners, franchising and licensing. Not all will apply to everyone, of course, but all possibilities are discussed. This sometimes leads to new ventures previously not considered.
For more information about the services they offer, please visit www.handsomeip.com
Venture Proof
Venture Proof have helped thousands of inventors and entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground and businesses to protect their products and services. They offer professional support from qualified experts, using a modern, refreshing, forward-thinking approach. They provide friendly, no nonsense jargon-free advice and fixed price, low cost packages to support your business or idea.
For more information about the services Venture Proof offer, please visit: www.ventureproof.com
London IP
London IP attorneys are UK and European patent and trademark attorneys. They can represent you before the UK and European registries at every step from filing, through the grant procedure, to asserting your rights against infringers. London IP works in partnership with the British Library Business & IP Centre and co-hosts with a product design company a monthly seminar at the Library aimed at businesses and individuals taking a new product to market.
London IP see their job as safeguarding your intangible assets. The purpose of IP is to maximize profits. London IP aim to achieve this by:
  • Identifying your IP to find out what you can protect.
  • Protecting what is rightfully yours with patent, trademark and design applications.
  • Helping you exploit your IP to give you a commercial advantage through licensing or enforcement.
IP is much more than an interesting academic exercise – it’s really all about commercial value. If your IP doesn’t add value to your business there’s no point in having it. The team at London IP aim to make it easy for you. IP law is complicated, but their experts will explain it to you in plain English so that you can make the right choices for you and your business. They are regulated by IPReg, the professional body for patent and trademark attorneys, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality IP service. They can work to your budget, with a free initial consultation and a transparent pricing structure; trying to offer fixed prices wherever possible and providing estimates of cost elsewhere in advance of doing any work.
London IP want to make sure that you don’t lose out on the IP rights you’re entitled to so that your business succeeds. To find out more, please visit www.londonip.com.
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